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Tin whistle Tutorial

Learn the musical notes easily

<< Click here to open the Tin Whistle Tutorial >>

Whistleaway.com brings you this Free Tin Whistle Tutorial, developed especially for people who have just discovered the Joys of the Irish Tin whistle. Find out how to finger each note, how to breath correctly and how to blow properly! Soon it wont be long until your picking up your first chieftain, clark or shaw whistle!

If you need to learn how to read music then this interactive tutorial is for you.

Beginners Tune with finger diagrams

It has been described as a great tool to help young people, learn the whistle.

<< Click here to open the Tin Whistle Tutorial >>


"I wanted my five year old son to start learning Irish Music, thanks to this whstle tutor, hes on his way" Alice, Leeds, UK

"This is simply the best online teacher for both young and old starting out on the tin whistle, a very valuable resource, Thank You" Chris, San Francisco, USA

"You just saved me at least $100, I found it very hard getting started but with your tutorial I'm well on my way, Thanks" Julie, Brisbane, Australia

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