If you have a whistle related item that you would like to advertise you can do it quite simple here at whistleaway.com. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Fill in your classified details.

2. Review that all the details entered are correct.

3.Decide if you would like a Free advert or a Premium advert.

4.Submit your advert

5. If you have made your advert a premium advert make payment. See payment Structure below.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a Premium advert?

Premium adverts are displayed at the TOP of our classified page, they have a much larger viewing area and standout much more than our free ads. The 3 most recent adverts are also placed on our homepage.

What is a free advert?

Free adverts are displayed at the bottom of our page, these are smaller and less prominant than Premium ads.

I am posting an ad, why do I have to give you my email address?

When someone replies to your ad the reply is sent directly to your email address, you will remaim completely annonymous to this user, you decide if you would like to reply or not. Your email address will never be shown on our site.

How long does an advert last?

All adverts will be displayed for 4 weeks, if you have selected a premium advert, you can extend this period to up to 12 weeks.

Can I edit my advert?

Once posted adverts cannot be changed in any way, this is way it is important to check all your information before you post your ad.

I've posted my ad but I cant see it on site.

Nothing will go live on this site until it is checked by our admin staff, anything that we decide is offensive or inappropriate will not be displayed.

What can my advert be about?

Your advert can be anything related to the Tin Whistle or any other woodwind instrument, accessories or special event. Events promoting the whistle and irish music are also fully welcome. If you have a whistle to sell or your on the look out for one then this is the ideal place!

What can I not include in my advert?

* Any adverts that are considered as spam will be removed.

* Affiliate links are strictly forbidden.

* Offensnsive or pornographic material.

* Only PREMIUM adverts can include a telephone number or a persons name.

Cost for premium classifed ads:

4 Weeks = $10.00

8 Weeks = $20.00

12 Weeks = $25.00

When you have entered the details of your advert you will be asked to make a payment, no adverts will go live until they have been checked by us.