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whats the best penny whistle?

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In what price range, and how do you define "Best". In general, a tuneable whistle made of all polymer will last longest and sound "woody", and be relatively inexpensive, with good sound (depending on your definition of "Good Sound", and are low-maintenance. Aluminum whistles with plastic fipples are low-maintenance louder and brighter than those of other materials. Low Maintenance with a Loud, bright, sound... Aluminum whistles are the best, if that is how you define "Best". Brass with plastic fipples are loud, but not quite as bright or loud as aluminum. All other factors are the same as aluminum. Brass whistles are Best, if that is how you define "Best". Stainless Steel with plastic fipples are pretty much just like brass, only they do not show fingerprints or need a periodic dose of brass polish to keep looking spiffy. Stainless Steel whistles are Best, if that is how you define "Best". All-Wood whistles... more expensive high-maintenance, but a good woody sound like polymer. More traditional than a plastic (polymer) whistle. All-Wood whistles are Best, if that is how you define "Best". Whisles made of tin, with a wooden fipple are very bad because they rust, their mouthpieces usually make them harder to play, and the wooden fipples absorb saliva, causing them to swell. They do not last, are harder to play BUT they sound okay and are very inexpensive. Whistles made from tin and wood are Best, if that is how you define "Best". You have essentially asked "How High Is A Fence", and the answer is "It all depends".

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