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I love the whistle contributions in several of the pieces off of Ken Burns' "Lewis & Clark" soundtrack, especially "When Summer Ends" and "Beech Spring." Do you have any idea if any of that whistle music is available as sheet music? I'm trying to imitate it by ear, but it is very slow going (and frustrating).

Asked by:Kevin


Input the answer to this question here, thanks! Here is the abc notation. X:1 T:Beech Spring M:4/4 %%barnumbers 2 K:D |:GGA2G2BB| AGE2GGE2|D2EGG4|GGA2G2BB| AGE2GGE2|D2EGG4| Bdd2d2ed|B2G2edB2|G2(3ABA G2 E3|edB2G2BB|AGE2GGE2D2|EGG4z2:|

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