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Tin Whistle Questions

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Can i have notes for the tinwhistle?

Asked by:jace
Tin Whistle notes are available all over, check out the tutorial here for the beginners guide.  ... Read More >>

Hello, I don't think I fully understand the whole using your tongue technique when it comes to playing, why would you use your tongue when you could simply stop blowing the note?

Asked by:Flbldirish
Its all about adding a little bit extra to the music, make it come alive. Using your tongue will giv ... Read More >>

I am learning the titanic song on the tin whistle and the letter H is in it. How do u play the letter H?

Asked by:Cstar
A H on a tin whistle? Yes!In Norway and some other Scandinavian countries a B is often transcri ... Read More >>

I don't know how to play high B. I've opened your interactive tutorial but i can play only the first 8 notes, from D to D*, but not the each others.

Asked by:Italianfolkman
You just need to use the same fingering and blow a little harder, nice and steady, keep practicing g ... Read More >>

i need the notes to irish washer woman, please help if you can

Asked by:katie-may
Click on the link for notes for the Irish Washer Woman on the tin whistle. ... Read More >>

What are the notes for the galway girl?

Asked by:tara11
Hi, You can see the notes for the galway girl here >> ... Read More >>

How do you get that rythmic shaking sound (tremolo) on long notes with a tin whistle im trying but to no avail.

Asked by:MIguel
Its a techniques known as tapping. Just lift your finger slightly and tap it down on the hole firmly ... Read More >>

What is the lowest note on a tin whistle?

Asked by:meg
It really depends on what key your whistle is in. If you have a D whistle the lowest note is D. A C ... Read More >>

What does "Whistle Away" mean?

Asked by:mimi
It means Whistle away until your heart is content! Happy Whistling :) ... Read More >>

I can't play in the lower octave. Even if I blow so softly it's almost inaudible, it still jumps to a high D. Any ideas?

Asked by:Kelly
It probably time to buy a new whistle in a different key, people usually try a C after a D.D is the ... Read More >>

What key of tin whistle matches the Great Highland Bagpipes?

Asked by:North Carolina Piper
The best approach to playing Great Highland Bagpipes (GHB) tunes on the Irish penny whistle is to pl ... Read More >>

Hey, I was wondering if the Irish whistle, pennywhistle, and tin whistle are all the same thing. Are they?

Asked by:Nikki
Yep they are all the same thing! Just known differently thoughout the world. ... Read More >>

Is there such a thing as whistle tabs? I'm having difficulty reading the music, as I'm fairly new to sheet music.

Asked by:Peeba
The most common type of whistle for beginners is a Tin whistle in the key of D, or D whistle. You ca ... Read More >>

How do you make the sound higher or lower on tin whistles?

Asked by:Emz
If you want a high note just blow a little harder than you do on the lower notes. ... Read More >>

In penny whistles,do the size of the holes matter?

Asked by:J.Earl
Yes very much, it is a very simple instrument however the size of the holes and their distance a ... Read More >>

I just bought a nickel feadóg and i want to know what are the cares i should have, and about cleaning, how i clean the mouthpiece and the inside of my whistle?

Asked by:thainasv
hi i have one of them too! i dont usually bother cleaning it just shake the spit out when your d ... Read More >>

I have a C pennywhistle thats supposed to be tuneable, but I dont know how to tune it. Help please.

Asked by:EffieJean
Your whistle ought to have some kind of joint in it that will slide in and out to make the whistle l ... Read More >>

what is a cran and how do i do one?

Asked by:sophie maher
A cran is a rather obscure musical ornament that i believe got its start from the uillian pipes. ... Read More >>

What is a cran and how do i do one?

Asked by:sophie
A cran is a rather obscure musical ornament that i believe got its start from the uillian pipes.Its ... Read More >>

Hi there. I have a E# generation Whistle. How can i stop it from sounding airy on the high notes

Asked by:warren
You just need to control your breathing. Try not to blow so hard! ... Read More >>

I have a penny whistle in D, and I was wondering how to finger F natural?

Asked by:Sarah
F natural is whats known as a semi-tone note, you need to cover about half of the 5th hole on the wh ... Read More >>

On a d tin whistle, how do you play c natural?

Asked by:Maeve
Hi, Maeve. Close the 2nd and 3rd holes. Happy playing! ... Read More >>

i wanna play ODE TO JOY on the penny whistle and i need the notes for it tell me if you can give me the notes thanks!

Asked by:Andrew
f#, f#, g, a, a, g, f#, e, d, d, e, f#, f#, e, e (break) f#, f#, g, a, a, g, f#, e, d, d, e, f#, ... Read More >>

I asked before where I can buy a LOW whistle for less than $50, but you guys answered it as if I meant a high tin whistle. I really mean low? Any ideas?

Asked by:Emily
Hey check out the whistleaway stor you can probably find what your looking for. A low D is the m ... Read More >>

Hi! I have a D whistle and a C one. I'd like to know the fingering of Toss The Feathers and Erin Shore. thanks a lot

Asked by:SILVIA
If this is your first time buying a whistle I would highly recommend starting with the traditi ... Read More >>

Where can I buy a low whistle for less than $50?

Asked by:Emily
Hey Emily, check on our whistle store, you can buy a whistle there for less than $20! ... Read More >>

Which is the easiest Low D to play? I have small "woman hands." :-) Thank you! Lauri

Asked by:fluffysmom
Use six of your fingers on all of the holes,but dont leave any gaps or it will sound really bad ... Read More >>

Is the Irish Flute the same as a Low D pennywhistle?

Asked by:GM
No. A flute is a flute and a whistle is a whistle. Size, method of plying, way of "blowing" in ... Read More >>

You know how D is the lowest note on the tin whistle but on some music I have seen a note lower than the D. what is this note?

Asked by:cap
This note is a Low C. There is a Whistle tuned in C if you want to play it. ... Read More >>

When buying a new tin whistle i have found that there is a high D and a low D does it matter what one you buy?

Asked by:Bron (:
if you buy a high D whistle you only have the high octave so you have to blow extra hard to get ... Read More >>

do the high notes not sound right on some tinwhistles because the tinwhistle is cheap?

Asked by:
Most likely it does not sound right because it is being blown too hard (or softly) or some hole( ... Read More >>

Why do smaller whistles play higher sounding notes? Basic science needed for a grade 4 project.

Asked by:Sophie
The lenghth of the whistle dictates how high or low the whistle sounds. This is sometimes refere ... Read More >>

I would like to learn how to play Belfast Polka/Pennsylvania Railroad, but I can't find the notes listed anywhere. Thank you!

Asked by:troubled whistler
Check the store for a book by Phil Coulter, entitled Winters Crossing. The book also includes St ... Read More >>

my first whistle...got down to two:
1. dixon D Tuneable (Brass Slide) Polymer High Whistle £29
2. tweaked Sweetone D £20...any ideas people?

Asked by:robbie
Makes little difference. As you may soon come down with W.A.S. (Whistle Acquisition Syndrome) a ... Read More >>

If I am a Lefty, is it proper technique to put my left hand on the bottom and the right hand on the top? Thank you.

Asked by:Yishai
ALWAYS PUT LEFT HAND ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I unfortunately learnt the wrong way round and so am u ... Read More >>

I have a Susato D whistle. How do I play a natural C in order to play tunes in the key of G? What is the fingering?

Asked by:Robert Cook
Cover the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th holes. Leave all others open. ... Read More >>

whats the best penny whistle?

Asked by:
In what price range, and how do you define "Best". In general, a tuneable whistle made of all ... Read More >>

how can i tell what kind of whistle i have? It''s tin with 6 holes on the front and a green plastic mouth piece, no hole in back

Asked by:Kristin
may be a generation or walton generation- http://www.mally.com/images/pagephotos/zgengreend. ... Read More >>

How can you play an E flat on a D penny whistle?

Asked by:Erik
Well, to play an E flat, you cover all the holes, only on the very last hole (lowest), you cover ... Read More >>

Is there any other way to play C sharp without uncovering all the holes

Asked by:gato
Cover the 2nd and 4th holes from the top, leaving all others open. ... Read More >>

How do you play c. Also how do you play a high d and sharps?

Asked by:confused
To play a high C, just cover the holes A and G. To play high D, just blow every hole except B. F ... Read More >>

For a left handed person - should the right hand cover the top notes and the left the bottom (i.e. reverse of video) or does it matter?

Asked by:Gerard Byrne
Traditionally, the first three fingers of the left hand cover the top three holes, and the first ... Read More >>

Can I play a G# on a D whistle? If so what is the fingering?

Asked by:old duffer
you can play almost any note on any whistle. But it is hard because you only cover up half the w ... Read More >>

I want to learn to play a tin whistle, but I don''t know which one to buy a C, D or G whistle... Which one do you recommend for Irish, Scottish and Indian music??

Asked by:Sanju
It really doesnt matter. Id recommend #1 D, #2 C. But mainly because everybody learns on a D. Th ... Read More >>

What is a good, easy way to quiet/mute my Clarke Sweetone D? Im just learning, & my family wants to chuck it out of the window!

Asked by:Alix K.
If you put a small bit of tape over the whistle part at the top it will dull the sound enough to let ... Read More >>

I am in desperate search for the tin whistle notes to Planxty''s

Asked by:Eileen
d g d g a b c b a g f# e d e d f# g a c b a g b c d highe d d b a a g f#e d g f# g ... Read More >>

what is the correct fingering for the natural C? the Generation say that i should play OXX XOX

Asked by:Claudio
oh i got this if u have a D tin whistle which i hope this is what you are talking bout but just ... Read More >>

When you are playing the D Penny Whistle and you are playing the D note with all your fingers on the holes, is it possible to play an octave below that D?

Asked by:Mac
The lowest "D" that a plain D whistle can play is close to "middle C". If you are getting a high ... Read More >>

what is a good first tin whistle?

Asked by:hayden
Ryan Dunn recommends a Generation Nickle in D. It is inexpensive and plays well. And he is defi ... Read More >>

Any tips on how to stop my whistle frequently clogging up with saliva during a session?

Asked by:sirgavingrimbold
Dryout your mouth by breathing through your mouth (you might say panting) before you start to pl ... Read More >>

im looking to start playing the tin whistle but dont know where to start.what whistle should i start with and how should i learn how to play?

Asked by:Paddy
get the feadog original irish whistle and look for the tin whistle tutor book it helpped me load ... Read More >>

How do u do a high d?

Asked by:mitch99
all fingers down apart from the top one, and blow slightly harder than you would for the bottom ... Read More >>

Are tin whistles and pennywhistles the same thing?

Asked by:megsta
They both seem to be the same thing, just depends on who is playing the instrument.The term "penny w ... Read More >>

I am a beginner, the notes heard from the pros are

Asked by:Joseph the Ancient
well joseph i dont know what the pros are doing but if u have a D tin whistle it is best to get ... Read More >>

what key is ''the glasgow reel'' in? what key whistle shoudl i buy if i want to play that?

Asked by:Eluveitie
It is played in a few different keys. The "traditional" is D minor. It is also sometimes played ... Read More >>

What are the three best basic cuts to practise on the tin whistle as a learner?

Asked by:VUE
Try going onto You Tube, type in Tin Whistle Lesson Week One and you will find a teacher called ... Read More >>

Hey there, i am a complete beginner in music and i was wondering how you could play a high e (e sharp?) or low e etc etc differently if they have the same fingering?

Asked by:confused
if two notes have the same fingering to play the high notes blow harder and to play the lower no ... Read More >>

I have the D Whistle, but when I try to play the low notes, it sounds so high and shrills. How do I get the notes correct?

Asked by:Brittany
Dont blow so hard. You are crossing into the second octave. Also, make sure you are covering all ... Read More >>

Is it very wrong if i play with my right hand on top?

Asked by:jone
Hi Jone! I wouldn't say its very wrong, it really doesnt matter which hand you use as along as you ... Read More >>

What type of tin whistle do i need to play B sharp & A sharp?

Asked by:seanieboy
Any standard whistle should let you play these notes. Just blow a little harder. ... Read More >>

Notes for the Fureys Lonesome boatman

Asked by:Sharon
Hi, This is a popular request and the notes are no easy come boy however, try these below:Lonesome B ... Read More >>

How to I get a good vibrato? Is it in the fingering or breath control?

Asked by:Dave
The only way ive seen is on a low whistle where you hover your finger over the next hole down fr ... Read More >>

How do u play Happy Birthday on the Tin Whistle?

Asked by:coolcat
Thats a simple one: The notes for happy birthday are: 'Happy Birthday': D D E D G F#, D D E D A G, ... Read More >>

I have to teach classes of 30 tin whistles yr.3/4 and need ideas for repertoire.

Asked by:
Amazing Grace is always a good one, i would also say mary had a little lamb ... Read More >>

Do tin whistles in different keys have the same notes?

Asked by:Madds
Yeah they have the same notes, however the notes will be slightly higher or lower depending on your ... Read More >>

I have a G tin whistle, can I play all notes and scales on that one?

Asked by:Rocco
A simple question, but one that can be complex to answer. The simple answer is you can play all ... Read More >>

i just went thru the note structures and positions on the tutorial page . i want to know the shown notes corrosponds to which tune of the tin whistle?

Asked by:blue
Go to the "Musical Scales" on the online tutorial. click on the pictures of the notes on the sc ... Read More >>

Do tin whistles in different keys have the exact same notes?

Asked by:Madds
You can easily use the same music, but it will be X number of notes off, depending on the key of ... Read More >>

I just got my D tin whistle and im having trouble keeping a solid tone, any suggestions?

Asked by:Wallace
A little more info would be helpful. Is it a wood fipple? Wood fipples tend to moisten the longe ... Read More >>

I can play regular notes, but i don't know how to play all the sharps and flats. is there a tutorial for them? if not, what is the fingering?

Asked by:Talysha
Hi Talysha, The fingering is the same for the higher notes you just need to blow the whistle a littl ... Read More >>

How do I keep my whistle from rusting any further? it is a little bit rusted on the outside, and I cant see in it. Please answer!

Asked by:The Whistle Lover
The only reason your whistle is rusting is because it is getting damp. To make sure it doesnt rust o ... Read More >>

how do you do twinkle twinkle little star

Asked by:Lino Manaloto
Try the following notes on your whistle: ddaabba ggf#f#eed Simple! ... Read More >>

How to keep my tin whistle properly? How to clean it inside? On my brass whistle appeared ugly stains and fingerprints. How to get rid of them?

Asked by:Ivy
Most brass whistles are coated in a clear laquer. You might need to remove this coating and them ... Read More >>

What is the best book to learn the penny whistle? Daughter has had 5 years of strings , so she knows how to read music. What would be the best book for her?

Asked by:jdv
The Tin Whistle Toolbox by Grey Larsen. You wont go wrong there. It will start her down the righ ... Read More >>

What are the notes for twinkle twinkle little star on the tin whistle

Asked by:chloe
  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: D D A A B B A, G G F# F# E E D ... Read More >>

How do you play a note lower than a D if you have a D whistle?

Asked by:Charly
hhhrrrrrmmmmm? i dont think you can on a d whistle sorry. :(( ... Read More >>

I have a D whistle, but many of the tunes I want to play have notes below the low D. How do I play them or transpose the music?

Asked by:Erik
If you have sheet music, the first step is to figure out what key it is in. Look at the key sign ... Read More >>

what is a A#?

Asked by:babala
It is an A sharp, which is a semitone above A and basically the same as a Bb (B flat) - strictly ... Read More >>

I just bought a tin whistle and there is no hole on the back, only 6 on the front, how can I play the higher notes?

Asked by:diana
Hi Diana, Most tin whistles dont have a hole in the back,(maybe your thinking of a recorder) y ... Read More >>

When blowing on the whistles mouthpeice should you hold it with your teeth or just use your lips?

Asked by:Michelle
I would say the most common method of holding the whistle is with your lips, hold it firmly and try ... Read More >>

When I listen to whistle music I sometimes hear the player slide from one note to the other. Are there rules for doing this? How is it done properly?

Asked by:Michelle
Slowly cover or uncover a finger hole, letting the pitch change gradually. Simple as that! Tom ... Read More >>

I Have A Waltons D Whistle And I Was Wondering Whether You Had Some Music So I Can Pipe The Rats Away.Thanks,The Pied Piper

Asked by:The Pied Piper
In my opinion, the best kind of music to get rid of any living creature is rap, if you can call ... Read More >>

What microphone do you recommend for live performance?

Asked by:Wayne
This all depends on where you are performing, what type of setup you are running it through, and ... Read More >>

Im interested in a

Asked by:recorderdoug
Yes, a Dixon trad in brass, around the same price but with a nicer tone. ... Read More >>

Someone asked me do i tongue or slur when I play the whistle, an anybody explain what exactly is tonguing?

Asked by:FG
Tonguing is separating a note from the one in front of it by momentarily stopping the air flow throu ... Read More >>

What is tonguing?

Asked by:Alex
Tonguing is an ornamentaion technique, its basically the way most notes are played on the whistle, u ... Read More >>

What is fingering?

Asked by:Tony
Fingering is simply the way you place your fingers on the whistle to play a note. People sometimes p ... Read More >>

What exactly is ornamentation in irish music?

Asked by:Simon
Ornamentations are little tricks used to help the music come alive and make the melody stand out. Th ... Read More >>

What are some well made whistles that can be heard no problem in a session?

Asked by:Joe
I play the penny whistle(tin whistle) nd the D is the best to play :) ... Read More >>