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Whistle Rants and Raves

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Left hand at the top? Or right?

Some people instinctively pick up their first whistle and put their right hand at the top, although ... Read More >>

How to look after and clean your tin whistle

Whistles easily collect moisture on the inside on them when played and in order to keep a whistle in ... Read More >>

Tin whistle scales explained

Tin whistles which play in the scale of D are by far the most popular tin whistle to play. The w ... Read More >>

Tin whistle Forum Launched - Join Now

Hi Folks,We ve just launched our new and improved Tin whistle forum. Its a simple process to sign up ... Read More >>

Tin whistle christmas songs

This christmas why not try a few christmas songs on your penny whistle. These are great for beginner ... Read More >>

Review of The Chieftain Low D Tin Whistle

The much sought after cheiftain Tin whistle is a right up there with the best money can buy and a re ... Read More >>

Tips on teaching young children the tin whistle

Because children have smaller hands a higher key whistle might well help, in which case buy two Fs a ... Read More >>

Tin whistle ornamanetation explained

Traditional Irish whistle playing uses a number of ornaments to embellish the music, including cuts, ... Read More >>