Back home in Derry - Tin Whistle Notes

 Notes & Sheet for Back home in Derry


Back Home in Derry

Author: Bobby Sands

In 1803 we sailed out to sea 
Out from the sweet town of Derry 
For Australia bound if we didn't all drown 
And the marks of our fetters we carried. 

In the rusty iron chains we sighed for our wains 
As our good wives we left in sorrow. 
As the mainsails unfurled our curses we hurled 
On the English and thoughts of tomorrow. 

Oh Oh Oh Oh I wish I was back home in Derry. 
Oh Oh Oh Oh I wish I was back home in Derry. 

I cursed them to hell as our bow rode the swell. 
Our ship danced like a moth in the firelights. 
White horses rode high as the devil passed by 
Taking souls to Hades by twilight. 

Five weeks out to sea we were now forty-three 
Our comrades we buried each morning. 
In our own slime we were lost in a time. 
Endless night without dawning. CHORUS

Van Dieman's land is a hell for a man 
To live out his life in slavery. 
When the climate is raw and the gun makes the law. 
Neither wind nor rain cares for bravery. 

Twenty years have gone by and I've ended me bond 
And comrades' ghosts are behind me. 
A rebel I came and I'II die the same. 
On the cold winds of night you will find me CHORUS